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TV Commercial - Popular Pizza | Punjabi | 2013 |
Short Film "AAB" 2013 Aujla Innovations Inc.- A Canadian Production AAB (meaning "Water") is story of awakening. Human-kind has been using natural resources for their own benefits; some of these benefits end-up harming natural resources. When nature strikes back...imagine the results. Writer/Producer/Director : Mandeep Singh Aujla Starring: Jasbir Jassi, Amar Noori, Raj Music Director: Sardool Sikander ,
Event Photography Event Photography Event Photography | More Photos
Dr. Dominic Raco | WOHS | Heart Health and PATIENT PATHWAY VIDEO | 2014 Dr. Dominic Raco | WOHS | Heart Health and PATIENT PATHWAY VIDEO | 2014 |
Wedding Video & Photography Wedding Highlights
Highlights - Tuton Wala Khooh Stage Production
Music Video - Tu Hi Tu (2014) Writer, Composer, Singer - Gurdeep Singh Sekhon
Music Video - Nakhre (2014) Singer Surjit Sagar

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